World of Warships Fees

World of Warships League Fees

HinterLAN currently charges a fee for the World of Warships League. We charge these fees primarily to provide incentive in terms of a prize pool and a small portion goes to help offset the cost of administration and software purchases. In the future, some leagues may have sponsors or sponsored prizes and be free for anyone to enter, which is what we are working towards. To be as transparent as possible we list exactly what your league fees go towards.

80% or $8.00 – Cash Prize Pool
10% or $1.00 – Alternative Prizes
10% or $1.00 – Paypal Fees & Administration

Prize Pools

Total prize pool available by number of teams.


1st Place – 66% of pool
2nd Place – 33% of pool
3rd Place – 100× India Bravo Terrathree (-10% repairs)