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HinterLAN 2017 Announcement

HinterLAN 2017 Announcement

We welcome you back for another epic LAN party coming this spring on May 20th, 2017! You will find that the registrations are now open and that there are a number of changes.

First, you will no longer be eligible to play in all tournaments with your single seat ticket. You will now have the option to buy tickets for each tournament with a prize pool. This has affected out seat prices and the total you will have to pay, with the hope that our attendees will pay less overall to participate in HinterLAN.

Up next we have some changes to the tournament lineup. These are the games that will be included in the prize pools, with other for-fun tournaments being announced closer to the event.

  • Counter Strike Global Offensive
  • Hearthstone
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch

Last is the way the prize pool is split between the winning teams. Prizes will now be split 70% to first place and 30% to last place.

Hopefully all of these changes make the HinterLAN experience better for everyone! If you have any questions, please use the contact form to get a hold of us, and see you at HinterLAN!

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HinterLAN 2016 Report

HinterLAN 2016 Report

It has been a busy weekend, but it’s finally time to wrap up and say goodbye. This has been our biggest LAN party to date, and so we would like to thank everyone who attended HinterLAN 2016 for supporting our small event. If you missed out, here’s a little summary of what happened.

Tournament Winners

  • CS:GO Champions – #VapeNation (LeBzy, The Mayor, BebopWalrus, DoT, Keyyra)
  • Overwatch¬†Champions – #VapeNation (LeBzy, The Mayor, BebopWalrus, DoT, Keyyra, Chief)
  • League of Legends Champions – Prowl Esports

Event Information

  • 54 Computers
  • $1000 in Prizes
  • 14 Hours of Gaming

Look for news on our next event in the new year!

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